A most handsome gentleman by Suzan Lauder

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Title: A most handsome gentleman
Author: Suzan Lauder
Publisher: Meryton press
Year: 2017
Genre: comic/romantic
Rating: 5/5

A most handsome gentleman is Suzan Lauder’s latest novel and is a variation of Pride and prejudice with a comic twist.
The comicness in this novel comes from the significant change in Mr Collins’s appearance, considered by all the women he meets the most beautiful man they’ve ever seen (including Lady Catherine and Anne!!!).
This, as a presupposition for a story, is already very fun.

Since Mr Collins wants to marry Jane in order to give the famous olive branch, the dynamics of the story change, and in particular Mr. Darcy will not try to separate Bingley from his beloved angel. This creates really funny jokes between the two contenders.
So, of course, there will be some changes in the development of the love story between Darcy and Elizabeth, that is described in a very sweet way (I loved many of the scenes that see them together).

If you read through the lines of this novel you can see a very deep moral, that is, not all that is beautiful out is also inside and that sometimes you have to deviate from the opinions of the mass.

The reading was very fluent and fun, it really gave me some good moments.
Congratulations to the author for having made such a famous masterpiece comic while still keeping Jane Austen’s style.

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The author

suzan-lauderA most handsome gentleman is Suzan Lauder’s third published novel. Her first novel, Alias Thomas Bennet, is an Austen-inspired Regency romance with a mystery twist. She also contributed a short modern romance, Delivery boy, to the holiday anthology Then comes winter.
All Lauder’s published fiction is based on
Pride and prejudice and is available from Meryton Press.

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This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.
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Janet T

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Loren. I appreciate your review.


Love the premise of this story. A hot Mr. Collins how is any of the Bennet sisters to resist.

Suzan Lauder

My heartfelt thanks for such an insightful review, Loren. It makes the writing worth it to know that readers appreciate all aspect of the book, both the comedy and the romance. I hope this inspires a new group of readers.