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Welcome to Tomorrow is another day!

The site – who is named after the famous expression in Margaret Mitchell‘s book, Gone with the wind – is born in the 2016 and is the heir of a successful blog, Wings of paper, and has the goal of being useful to the visitors, bringing to light virtues and vices of a product.

Comparisons are always welcome, for this reason feel free to express your opinion and leave a comment!


Because, in spite of all the adversities that we have to face in life, it is always good to have hope that tomorrow will be a better day but, above all, have the strength to pick up and start again.


IoBorn in Naples in the faraway 1990, Loren has always had a certain vivacity and creativity who brought her since childhood to develop a passion for computer graphic. She loves to stay in company and this is the reason why she studied foreign languages both in high school and college where in the 2014 she took a degree with a thesis about the Genji monogatari. She dreams to go to Japan and to write a book. Her writing passion, entwined with that for the reading, push her to create a site to give her opinions and maybe to compare herself with other lovers of the same genre.


If you are an author and want a review for your book in this site, write to [email protected] and you will be satisfied! The review will show its author real thoughts and will not be influenced in any way.