Beloved by Nina Clare

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Title: Beloved – A fairy tale retelling of Northanger Abbey
Author: Nina Clare
Publisher: self published
Year: 2017
Genre: fairy tale 
Rating: 4/5

Beloved, as the subtitle says, is a fairy-tale retelling of one of Jane Austen’s novels, Northanger Abbey.
The story is almost the same as the original work, but being a fairy tale, it has a smaller length (in fact it is referred to as a novella) and only shows the really salient events of the plot. To make it a fairy tale in the true sense of the term there is the insertion in the story of those elements that are typical of such genre: castles, dragons slayers, dances and knights in shining armor. I really liked this because the content of the original was lightened and the enjoyability of what is, in fact, the work that I prefer less of Jane Austen, was increased.

Despite the main character of the story is Catherine, I have felt myself much more attracted to the character of Lady Eleonor and her love story with Sir Vallentyne. The two, as Catherine and Henry, are separated because of their inheritance difference.
What happens to the protagonist and her love story we already know and it is perhaps what makes Eleanor’s story more interesting. Specifically, this character inspires a lot of empathy in the reader who continues the book readily to find out what will happen to her.
Regarding the sentimental field, there are no explicit descriptions, but we do not feel the lack of them since the book radiate romanticism from all the pores.

The author really did a great job, the book, in fact, is very well written, fluent and enjoyable. Also, it is always nice to know that there is a happy ending for everyone.
In my overall judgment, despite this is a novel inspired by another work, I find it enjoyable also to those who do not know Northanger Abbey and if I had children I would read it to them too.
It was one afternoon entertainment but I liked it so much that I can not wait to read the other novels in the same series.

The author

She has studied English literature and creative writing through the Open University, while raising a family and doing all sorts of (not very well paid)  jobs, and has always had a passion for literature and a big pile of books in every favourite reading spot – settee, kitchen table, bed, bathtub (scented bubbles very necessary).
When she’s not writing stories or thinking up stories or reading other people’s stories she likes to paint and collage pictures, get taken for long walks by her adorable dogs, and cook all things plant-based.
She lives in rural Cornwall, England with her family

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