By consequence of marriage by Elizabeth Ann West

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Title: By consequence of marriage
Author: Elizabeth Ann West
Publisher: Pemberley possibilities
Year: 2014
Genre: regency novel
Rating: 4/5

What if Mr Darcy‘s horse had not been able to carry him to Ramsgate one day in advance and Georgiana succeeded in her elopement with Wickham? This is one of the questions to whom the novel By consequence of marriage, first volume of the Moralities of marriage series, answers.
In this variation Darcy and Elizabeth meet in an entirely new way: the man, in effect, runs over her with his horse risking to kill her.
Painted with dark shades, this novel tends to show the difficulties that the two must overcome to stay together, rather than their falling in love (occurred above all in the scenes in which he goes to see her while she is ill at Netherfield).

The characters are all a little bit different from the original ones, like they were slipped away for a hair from their tracks, annoying some readers. Elizabeth is the most similar to the character created by Austen, even ifPride and prejudice this is true more in the second half of the book when she must overcome adversities, first of all her first heartbreak. 

From Elizabeth‘s point of view, and from the reader’s one, everybody seems mad, but the worst comes when, having refused to marry Mr Collins,
 Mr Bennet behaves quite differently from what we know: even if thinly, I think the author tried to make his affection for his second eldest daughter transpire. His behavior, and that of the rest of his daughters, makes we think of a dysfunctional family full of problems. Jane, particularly, is the most hated character, because of her mild personality she doesn’t take any tipe of position, thing that probably derives from the fact that she is the favorite of neither of her parents.
Darcy is depicted quite well, apart from his weakness with alcol in desperation moments. The scenes that see him together Elizabeth  are really tender and show him as a lovesick puppy.

The novel deals with many topics than makes itself plausible, for once things do not go the right way, all characters have a bad side to show – even Jane – and the nobility of London is not immune to scandals. This is the strength of the novel that, though being dark (it is probably the only one that I have ever read in which the violence is so often used), infuses us a great variety of emotions, from tenderness, to rage, passing from laugh to discouragement, thing that, together with the desire to dare, makes it special. The only weakness of the volume is the end, in effect the story ends whit a scene that is not suitable to be a cliffhanger, and leaves the reader taken aback (if it is not for this reason the volume would surely have a 5/5 as rating).


Elizabeth Ann West

After spending three years selling her non-fiction articles to websites and marketing firms, Elizabeth Ann West is finally making the jump to fiction writing. Before choosing a career in writing, she made magic at the Walt Disney World Resort. Armed with a B.A. in Political Science of all things, writing fiction is her next mountain to conquer. Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, her family now moves wherever the Navy sends them.

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Glad you really enjoyed this one, Loren!

Sophia Rose

That does sound different. And I’m curious now. Nice review, Loren.