Charmed - A thousand deaths

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Title: Charmed – A thousand deaths
Author: Erica Schultz, Maria Sanapo
Publisher: Dynamite entertainment
Year: 2017
Genre: comic/fantasy
Rating: 4/5

Charmed – A thousand deaths is a new comic, published by Dynamite, that brings to life the adventures of the Halliwell sisters after the end of the tenth season.
This volume, however, is not the continuation of previous publications, on the contrary, it is defined as a canon one-shot story set during the fourth season of the show.

As happened in many episodes of the show, Djall, a demon that wants to be important in hell, develops a plan that will allow him to separate the power of the three and to defeat it.
The story takes place in the world of art, that includes new characters, such as Gabe, an old friend of Paige, and Shaina, one of her guarded.

The sisters are characterized very well, I often read jokes that represent their character completely. In particular Piper is taken by the economic problems of P3, Phoebe with those at the journal  and Paige… well, she is as always interested in boys …
The close-ups are very beautiful because they are able to capture all the facial features of the actresses who portrayed Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Unfortunately, however, when these are portrayed from afar, they are often confused by the reader who places his attention on the suits of the sisters in order to understand which of them is.

As for the drawings, this volume reminded me of the first comics of Buffy the vampire slayer, also because demons and warlocks are represented more as vampires than with demonic features.

I appreciated the reference to Cole‘s character and I laughed hard on the pear symbol on Piper’s computer and smartphone.

Despite I read many negative reviews, I decided to read this new publication, which, just looking at the cover, gave me some sense of nostalgia. And I must say I did not find it as bad as I thought. It’s a classic filler story of the Charmed universe, nothing more, nothing less. But it’s definitely a sliding reading recommended to the fans of the series.

The only things I did not like were the covers made with bad photos editing. If Dynamite had used the graphic of a deviantart user, it would have got a better result.

This book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review from

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