The little prince

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Il piccolo principe

Title: The little prince
Director: Mark Osborne
Production: Orange studio
Year: 2016
Running time: 1h 48m
Genre: animation
Rating: 6/10

This adaptation of the world famous tale, The little prince, directed by Mark Osborne, manages to mix the contents of the book, written by Antoine de Saint Exupérie, to a modern context. The main character of the movie, in fact, is no longer the prince of the title, but a little girl (without a defined name, since she represents all the children of the world) that, even before she grows up, is about to be sucked from the gray mechanism and homologation of adult life. Eager to help her to be successful at work when she grows, her mother organizes her life only in function of the entrance exam to the school Werth for future managers. Everything goes according to the plan, until the girl becomes friends with her new neighbour, a senior airman who will share with her an amazing story, that of his encounter with the little prince.

Il piccolo principeAlthough at the beginning the two main characters don’t seem more than a little pedantic girl and a crazy old man, their personal development and the birth of their friendship, fully serves the function of speaking to both children and adults. The plot development is linear enough despite being divided into two parts, one concerning the girl, and the other concerning the history of the aviator and the prince. The two parts are also differentiated by the animation technique that is used: for the first the three-dimensional and for the second the stop motion. Also the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is adequate enough to make the atmosphere of the film.

This story gives us many feelings and in particular there is a strong sense of nostalgia for the childhood. In addition you will learn that:

  • the essential is invisible to the eye: the film shows the adult world in which people do not give importance to what they really are and to people’s feelings, but they prefer the materialistic side of life. Everyone is busy accumulating and no one will care to cultivate inner richness. We can reconnect this to the choice of the prince to separate his mortal body to the spirit to reach the rose that he loves so much.
  • You become responsible forever for what you have tamed: the film explains the value of bonds and especially friendship. In particular, the affection that is established between the girl and the old man was built thanks to the time they spent together, because the wanting to donate one’s time to a person and the will to know what a person really is make it special in our eyes. Also the movie explains that when the feelings are real, no matter the distance between people and the separation of death is accepted better.

Il piccolo principe
The strength of this film is to be the transposition of a book already well known that has helped its way to success, and its weakness is that maybe the second part is a bit disconnected from the rest of the film, difficult to understand for the viewer who has never read the story.

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Sophia Rose

I love movies that remind me of childhood golden days. Thanks for sharing about this one, Loren!