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Kung fu panda

Kung fu pandaKung Fu Panda is an animated DreamWorks film, directed in 2008 by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson. It tells the story of a panda that, while helping his father in the noodle shop, dreams of becoming a martial arts master. When, one day, by chance, it sees himself thrown into the world of the Jade Palace to be educated, it is considered a hopeless case because of its physical form. Fortunately it manages to surprise everybody when the ferocious Tai Lung decides to return to destroy the valley.
The cartoon is a nice tribute to the world of martial arts and a great motivator for the children that can reflect themselves in the main character, Po. In fact, first of all, it is able to pick itself up in a bullying situation and to gain the respect of his “enemies” and, secondly, it shows how if you really want something and work to get it in a merry way, you may realize your dreams. Not to mention the fact that Po is an atypical hero, fat and  with food problems – a very common thing in children today, but little shown in movies and on television – who uses his strengths to improve itself. The secondary characters are very nice, especially master Shifu that reminds me of Yoda from Star Wars, and the five cyclones that refer to the five styles of imitative kung fu: Tiger, Snake, Crane, Mantis and Monkey.

Rating: 7/10

Kung fu panda 2

Kung fu panda 2In 2011 the sequel to the DreamWorks movie, Kung Fu Panda 2, appeared in theaters and it was very pleasant to see how this film has surpassed the standards imposed by the first one, being more exciting, touching and spiritual. Since its inception it evokes nostalgia for master Oogway, a character who died in the first film, when he is used for the production company logo. After there is the two-dimensional intro that pays homage to the one used in the first chapter of the saga. It is nice to see Po‘s maturation as a kung fu warrior and the development of the relationship it has with its friends, the five cyclones, who, despite having little space in this film, show how the union makes the force.
The villain, Lord Shen, a crown prince disowned by his parents for turning fireworks powder in powder for cannons, is the emblem of the progress that advances and tries to destroy the tradition, in this case the kung fu. A sheepguess predicts the defeat of the Lord by the hand of a black and white warrior, a clear reference to Po that embodies the balance of the Tao, and this will also be the key point on which the common history between the warrior and Lord Shen is based.
The fight scenes are stunning, but my favorite is the one where the dragon warrior can achieve inner peace that combines martial art and spirituality, making it truly spectacular.

Rating: 8/10

Kung fu panda 3

Kung fu panda 3The last chapter of the trilogy dates back to this year (2016); it sees Po reunited with his real father and a panda community escaped to the attacks of Lord Shen. The dragon warrior must absolutely find a way to figure out who it is, because only this thing will bring it to master what it needs to defeat Kai, a warrior back from the spirit world (to be remembered the scene in which it destroys the Jade Palace) that is the most fearsome villain of the saga. The protagonist suggests that this is the final chapter of the story, thing that I hope, because the movie cannot keep alive the attention of the viewer – all the best gags were included in the trailer and there are no more – and it seems that now there is nothing left to say about the characters. In fact, it was once again exploited the strong figure of Oogwai.
The good thing about the movie is that the five cyclones recover the importance in the narration that they had lost in the second film, and that Po‘s father, Mr. Ping the goose, assumes a place of relevance and captivates the viewer’s sympathies.
Although the movie does not leave the sign as its two predecessors, it is worth watching because, together with the Korean Jennifer Yuh, we also find the Italian Alessandro Carlone to his guidance.

Rating: 6/10

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