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Il club di Jane Austen

To Darcy by Grace Mathew

To DarcyTo Darcy is an e-book of which I didn’t know about when I downloaded it for free some time ago from Amazon. At first sight it seems nothing more than a collection of quizzes about Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice, and that was, at first, a pleasant surprise by what appeared a novelty in the field of austenesque literature. Unfortunately quizzes stop when the events see Elizabeth and Jane guests at Netherfield and the remaining 50% of the book is formed only by advertisement and links to products related or not to the world of Jane Austen. This e-book has been a real scam for people who have purchased it…so bad, without recommendation.

Rating: 1/5

A virtue of marriage by Elizabeth Ann West

A virtue of marriageSecond volume of the Moralities of marriage series, A virtue of marriage continues to narrate the difficulties that Darcy and Elizabeth face to be together. In fact, although the two want to marry, all the circumstances are against them. The novel delves into the characters’ daily lives, among them that of Mr Collins, a man described in an even more narrow-minded and cowardly way than usual, a man which uses domestic violence to impart what he believes to be good manners to the women in his home. Much space is given to the couple formed by Georgiana and Wickham, although unfortunately it is protagonist not only of cheating, but also of more serious crimes such as prostitution. The epilogue of their history, however, has very interesting implications, being different from usual. The character that is less credible is Jane, which becomes, from a disinterested sister, a loving one in the space of a few chapters. The volume is shorter than the previous one, but has a better cliffhanger. 

Rating: 3/5

Yes, Mr Darcy! by J. Dawn King

Yes, Mr Darcy!

Yes, Mr Darcy! is a novella written by J. Dawn King previously published on a fan fiction site. Elizabeth here meets for the first time Darcy and Georgiana by chance, during a trip with the Gardiners, a trip that is considered her last excursion because of her impending marriage to Mr. Collins. The rest of the story is somewhat weak and flawed, because Darcy will try to find this stranger met by chance for months, when maybe he could have spent less time in the quest thanks to his influence. But this is a short story and as such it should be taken. In fact, it focuses exclusively on Darcy and Elizabeth and the three days that will lead them to become engaged. The secondary characters are used only when needed to handle the story. This novella is a fluent reading and a pleasant one for those who want to relax and read a story without angst but full of love scenes .

Rating: 3/5

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