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Le mini recensioniThe wonderful wizard of Oz – Volume 01

il-meravigliso-mago-di-oz-volume-1The wonderful wizard of Oz is a Marvel transposition of the children’s storytelling written in 1900 by L. Frank Baum. This comic is also the second attempt to approach myself to the novel after the dismal first contact I had with the famous movie with Judy Garland.
The story begins with the presentation of Dorothy and her life in Kansas and ends when, after meeting the scarecrow, the girl goes on the road with him. The story develops in a simple way and the design is suitable to illustrate a children’s storytelling, it’s so very bright. It was really a great start for this serie.

Rating: 5/5

The wonderful wizard of Oz – Volume 0il-meraviglioso-mago-di-oz-volume-22

In this second volume we meet the other main characters of the opera: the tin man and the cowardly lion (whose meetings with Dorothy make the story repetitive as they constantly reiterate where they are headed and why).
Among all of Dorothy’s co-stars it is certainly the tin man the one having the saddest background ever. In this volume we can also see a glimpse of what I hope will be one of the themes of the story, the true meaning of “home”.

Rating: 4/5

The wonderful wizard of Oz – Volume 03

il-meraviglioso-mago-di-oz-volume-3Continuing the journey, the group of new friends will live many adventures, in which it can be seen as the lion, the scarecrow and the tin man are already equipped with what they think they don’t have. The lion is shown brave on more than one occasion, he decides to protect his traveling companions; the scarecrow, which does not have a brain, always finds an ingenious idea to get out of troubles, and the tin man without a heart, can be moved by the fate of other living beings. This is strange and increases the curiosity of the readers, who decide to go on reading to find out how this will be explained.

Rating: 4/5

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