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Kung fu panda – Secrets of the furious five

I segreti dei cinque cicloniAfter the great success of Kung-fu Panda, in 2009 DreamWorks has released a short film, Secrets of the furious five, that sees the panda Po struggling with a new challenge: to teach kung fu to a class of little bunnies from the valley! While at first it is inadequate to the task, thanks to a set of stories he manages to get the attention of bunnies and convey his passion for martial arts. Po tells five stories, each linked to one of the cyclones, which tell how the great warriors learned to excel in their art, and that is with patience, courage, self-confidence, compassion and discipline, that are also the pillars of kung fu. The stories are truly original even though the one I preferred was that which has Tiger as main character.

Rating: 8/10

History of the slayer

History of the slayer, rather than a short film, was a kind of advertising that transmitted the WB channel shortly before the start of the show Buffy – the Vampire Slayer. It is also rumored that these movies were created by Joss Whedon, the creator of the TV show, to let understand Fox executives the concept of the slayer before they saw the pilot. This movie, in fact, also contains clips taken from the pilot episode that was never aired where are obvious differences from the one aired. For exemple it is clear that there is a much lower budget and there are some changes in the characters (first of all the presence of an actress who is not Hannigan in Willow cloths). The particularity of these films, however, is due to the presence of the history of some slayers who have operated between 1845 and 1997. The two shown in this movie are Abigail Cole, a slayer that in 1625 stopped a series of mysterious deaths attributed to unknown animals in Massachusetts; and Belle Malone who put an end to a series of deaths in Kansas in the summer of 1888.

Rating: 7/10

Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a silent short film of 1903 that boasts the title of the first film adaptation of the famous children’s book. Developed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, this work contains truly innovative special effects for its time (as the magnification and shrinking of Alice) and for a 35 mm film. A copy of the movie has been restored and preserved by the British Film Institute but despite all efforts a part of the frame is irretrievably lost. As a historical document it is definitely worth preserving but in the eye of a modern spectator, not particularly a movies fan, it can be quite boring.

Rating: 5/10

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