Regency solitaire

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Strongly based on the austenesque universe, Regency Solitaire is a highly passionate card game.
The main character of this game is the young Bella who dreams of finding true love by attending a sumptuous ball.
Unfortunately, her brother Edward, a rampant gambler, loses all the family fortune indebting himself with the ruthless neighbour, Mr Bleakley who decides to marry Bella as a reparation.

Will our heroine succeed in marrying for love or will she succumb to the heinous blackmail?

The story takes place in three different cities: London, Brighton and Bath (finely recreated in landscapes that can also be used as backgrounds), where Bella succeeds in going thanks to her aunt, who has almost a fairy godmother function.
As you proceed with the game you accumulate objects that will allow Bella to create her own ballroom of dreams.

Levels are 180, each with its peculiarities and difficulties. But I assure you that the final will pay off every player’s effort.

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