Undeceived by Karen M. Cox

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Undeceived Title: Undeceived
Author: Karen M. Cox
Publisher: Meryton Press
Year: 2016
Genre: spy story
Rating: 4/5

What if we mash up different genres like Regency novel and spy story? Author Karen M. Cox, with her new novel, Undeceived, is ready to help us to find out. Set during the years of the cold war, the novel shows in an original way the characters of Pride and prejudice: William Darcy is a famous CIA spy accused of being a mole for the KGB, while Elizabeth Bennet is a rookie of the same agency that has the assignment to investigate on him. Both have to fight against their mutual feelings because of their prejudices and for the behalf of their missions. But is really Darcy a mole, or are there others who want to incriminate him? Faithful is for no one because the more you get close to the truth the more this game becomes lethal.

I confess that when I first read the book blurb I wasn’t sure if I will like it. I’m not a spy stories person and I didn’t know the effect that it would have on me to see my beloved characters in a context for me totally extraneous. But the author, from the first chapter, put me at ease illustrating in a simple way how the job of the CIA and of the spies worked during the cold war. From this I can argue a great knowledge ad a really great work of research from the author.

Spy letterBoth the main characters are well portrayed and have a well developed background. But the thing that surprises me of this novel are secondary characters that have an unexpected role and sometimes a new personality. We can find, in fact, Bill Collins, George Wickham, Charlotte Lucas, Richard Fitzwilliam and Mrs Bennet. However the characters that surprised me more were Johanna Bodnar, Cara Hurst, Jirina Sobota and Anneliese Vandenburg 


It was funny to search references to Jane Austen‘s novel in the book, because the story doesn’t follow completely its timeline. The author, in fact, had fun changing the sequence of the facts. This novel is an enjoyable reading for both the fan of the retellings of Pride and prejudice and for those who don’t know it. The plot, in fact, withstands alone and you don’t need to know the facts of the Regency novel to enjoy it.

The stile of the author is fresh and fluid and the use of the colloquial language makes it modern. I really liked the use of Czech, Hungarian and Deutsch languages because they yield more credibility to the story narrated. In some pages there are mature contents that don’t disturb the readers because they are expressed with delicacy and a lot of innuendos, thing that show the finesse of the author.

The strong point of the novel is the strength of the plot that is rich of twists, above all in the end.


The author

Karen M. CoxBorn in Everett (WA), Karen is the daughter of a United States Air force officer. Due to him her childhood was nomadic. She settled in Kentucky at twelve and now she has a family and works as a pediatric speech-language pathologist. She loves to reading, to writing and spoiling her goddaughter. Karen writes novels accented with romance and history and she is remembered for, among the others, 1932 and Find wonder in all things that provided her awards from the independent publishing industry.

This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.
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Sophia Rose

I was intrigued by this one, too. I loved how she wove the P&P story into a spy suspense. I enjoyed all
the twists.

Nice Review, Loren!


Devo ammettere che sono un po’ titubante… Amo le storie di spionaggio ma non è il mio genere preferito. Ma questo libro sembra più che interessante!


Grazie Loren ! Sono contento che ti è piaciuto il racconto . Grazie per essere stato parte del tour blog troppo . Scusa la mia traduzione italiana :)

Christina Boyd

I loved that you wrote, “Faithful is for no one because the more you get close to the truth the more this game becomes lethal.” I am delighted when a reader really gets the author’s intent. So glad you enjoyed this too! Thank you.